We are open 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM. We offer two options of Primary Schedule and two options of Optional Extension schedule. The Primary Schedule options are Full-Day (9:00 AM – 4:00PM) and Half-Day (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM). The Half-Day Schedule is a temporary schedule (a stepping stone) till the child is ready to transition to Full-Day schedule. The Optional Extension Schedule options are Early Drop-off  option 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM, and Late Pick-Up option (4:00 PM – 6:00 PM). For detailed information  on our schedules, please click here to visit our Schedule & Tuition page. 

Our tuition starts from $800 and up to $1,400 based on the schedule you select for you child. if your child is one of the first to enroll in our school for school year 2018, you may qualify for our discount promotions. For additional information on our tuition, fees and promotions, please visit our Schedule & Tuition page which can found here

Your child’s safety, health, nutrition, and well-being are the core of our mission. Our school provides your child with a morning snack, a lunch, and 1 – 2 afternoon snacks. We understand that children’s feeding habits and liking vary, our school is always stocked with nutritious and healthy food items. Please ensure to notify our staff if your child is allergic to certain food or is intolerant to certain food ingredients. Our school is peanut free environment and based on our school population and your request, we offer Kosher and/or Halal food components for the additional peace of mind of our parents.

Our school maintains Emergency and First Aid supplies kits that meet the requirements of The County of Los Angeles’ Department of Public Health, City of Los Angeles’s Fire Department, and the California Department of Social Services. However, we ask that all parents provide an Emergency Comfort Kit for their children to be kept with the school. These kits are meant to bring comfort to your child in case of Earth-quakes and similar emergencies. We periodically check the contents of the Emergency Comfort kits to ensure that expired items are replaced. Our bulletin board shows our Emergency and Earth Quake preparedness plan; please take time to review it. Your child’s safety and well-being are our priority. For a detail list of the items to include in the Emergency Comfort Kit, please click here or visit the Rules tab of this page. This kit should include a card with identifying and important information about your child. this includes: name, birth date, allergies or medical alerts, emergency phone numbers for parents, doctor, and dentist, current medications. 

Copies of our school’s rules, forms, and policies will be provided to parents during their tour of our facility upon submission of application form. To schedule a tour, please contact us. We will post our rules, forms, and policies under this section soon for your convenience. These material will also be available in your Parent’s portal page. 

The Parents’ Portal is a secure (password-protected) area for parents to access updates, reports, information, and media of their child. Upon entering your login information, you will be directed to your child’s page. We encourage all parents to access their Parent’s Portal pages periodically to receive important updates, reports, media, and notifications related to their child. With your permission and/or request, photos and/or videos of your child playing, doing classwork, drawing and enjoying his/her time at the school will be uploaded to your Parent Portal page. To Access the Parents’ Portal, please login below: 


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