Our Little Story


    Our home Montessori Preschool (Maha Montessori) opened in Sherman Oaks on 07/17/2018. Enrollment started on 08/16/2018.

  • The Fantastic 14

    Our home preschool is licensed for up to 14 children, two of whom are school-age children (our twins) and fantastic twelve of the age group 2 – 6 years old.


    Since she was a teenager, Ms. Maha Alali realized her role as the eldest sister in a family of 3 little sisters and two brothers. She assisted her mom (who was an elementary teacher too) with raising her sisters and brothers and tutoring them through kindergarten and Elementary. As years passed, she grew a passion for teaching following her lifelong role model: her mother. In a few years, she earned her Bachelor degree in Education with specialty in Geography. three years afterward, she earned her masters degree in the science of Cartography. Over the course of the next 10 years, she taught in elementary school, middle school, college and university, and wrote her PhD. She authored the first of its kind atlas and published her thesis as a reference textbook for future masters graduates. Her sisters and brothers followed her course and example, two of them became engineers, one became a pharmacist, one became an attorney, and one specialized and received a masters degree in English Literature.  In 2011, Ms. Alali and her husband, Dr. Minahi, moved to California from Illinois. Ms. Alali’s twins (Ashraf & Jenna) arrived in 2012 and they grew to healthy and intelligent kids surrounded by a lot of care, love, and teaching. Ms. Alali developed a passion for the Montessori method of teaching when  her twins turned 2 years old. She started her first employment and training in a Montessori School soon after. She later graduated from the certification program and received MACTE Certification from Santa Monica Montessori Institute. During her employment with Santa Monica Montessori School, she promoted from a teacher assistant, to a teacher, and then to a lead teacher. During her career with Santa Monica Montessori School & Institute, Ms. Alali received recognition and commendations from her teachers and mentors.  Ms. Alali’s Montessori method professors & mentors encouraged her to start her own school. in 2018, Ms. Alali moved from Torrance to Sherman Oaks and started her first Large Home Family Montessori Preschool. With a clear vision and a gifted imagination, she oversaw the design of every corner of her school to become one of the most unique Montessori Preschools in The Valley.


Our School Director

Ms. Maha Alali
Ms. Maha AlaliMontessori Teacher & School Director
Bachelor Degree in Geography
Masters Degree in Cartography
MACTE Certified Montessori Teacher, Santa Monica Montessori Institute

Our Staff

Ms. Srimali Edirisinghe
Ms. Srimali EdirisingheTeacher
Over 20 Years of experience as Montessori Method teacher. A veteran Montessori Teacher who received her certification in the Montessori Method from none other than the very school of Mario Montessori (Dr. Maria Montessori’s son) in Sri Lanka. She and Ms. Alali, met each other for the first time when they co-taught in Santa Monica Montessori. Later on, Ms Alali’s owns twins were assigned to Mr. Srimali’s class per Ms. Alali’s request having found a real Montessori method teacher in Ms. Srimali that she can trust with her own twins.
Ms. Brianna Luff
Ms. Brianna LuffTeacher Assistant
Hello I am Ms. Luff!

I have been working in a preschool since I turned 18. I have over 24 units in early childhood education and am CPR certified. I realized my love for working with children when I started babysitting at age 13 and yet again when I was an Outdoor Ed camp counselor for the 5th graders. I have a passion for singing, theater and dance. I love incorporating song into my everyday life and will be sure to do the same with working with your wonderful children!

Ms. Kay-Kay Filizzola
Ms. Kay-Kay FilizzolaMusicare Instructor
Kay-Kay’s passion for music blossomed early, singing in choirs and musicals, and later performing professionally with bands. Kay-Kay studied in New York City at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and also spent a semester in Brazil at one of the top music schools, UFMG. Kay-Kay later went on to tour the Caribbean and the Mediterranean as a singer on cruise ships fostering her desire for travel.

Kay-Kay loves to share her passion for music! As an early childhood music educator, she delights in seeing the positive effects that music has on people, especially young children.

Ms. Feri Siami
Ms. Feri SiamiTeacher Assistant
Ms. Feri comes with a background in computer science with a Masters degree in this field. Coming to the United States, she found her calling in Child Care and specifically Montessori method of education. She started her Training with Maha Montessori and is on her way to formally engage MACTE Certification. Working with Ms. Feri, Ms. Alali immediately recognized that she has a natural talent for caring for children. Ms. Alali calls her Ms. Feri the Child Whisperer for her sweet and calm voice and manner with children that children love to listen to her and follow her as they would do to a “real” fairy. Ms. Feri is married to his her husband and is a mother of a beautiful 8 years old daughter.

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