We provide an intellectually stimulating, self-directed learning environment based on the proven and tested educational principles of Maria Montessori. Watch your child grow through a variety of social, sensory, language, and other enriching activites presented in the traditional Montessori Method. See your child’s self-confidence grow as they pursue their own artistic and intellectual passions in an inspiring educational & social environment.

The Montessori Areas…

Practical Life

Children learn how to take care of themselves and their environment, how to develop grace and courtesy in their social relations, and how to perfect self-control over their bodily movements. The activities include many of the tasks children see as part of the daily life in their home: washing, polishing, preparing food, arranging flowers, buttoning shirts, tying shoe- laces, etc. Through these familiar tasks children learn to work at a task from beginning to end, and develop their will and their self-discipline.

Sensorial Exploration

Children absorb information through their five senses. Maria Montessori developed activities made mainly from beautiful natural materials that excite and refine the senses, and isolate individual qualities such as colour, size, shape, weight, texture, which enable children to clarify, classify and comprehend the world and heighten their sense of order and powers of observation and analysis.


The Montessori approach to mathematics uses three dimensional materials which give children a concrete understanding of the decimal system. Children do not merely learn to count but truly understand the numerical concepts of growth, quantity, and sequencing because they have had both a visual and tactile experience of them. This bedrock of comprehension on which abstract concepts are built will stay with the child throughout their life, making mathematics a joy.

Language & Phonics

Freedom of expression is encouraged and we make sure we are continuously labelling the objects that a child encounters so that we may help them form a rich and extensive vocabulary. Preparation for writing and reading is based in tangible experiences to help the child analyse and better understand the alphabet, Once the child has mastered these linguistic tools they have the freedom to enjoy, explore and be creative.

Arts & Cultural

In order for children to feel that they are a part of their community they must gain respect for, and knowledge and understanding of, the world they live in. Activities that further this aim include art, craft, dance, music, history, geography, R.E., botany, zoology and many more.


We begin our study with the child with the home culture. We give the child a rich experience of the culture in which he lives. Then we expand from the home culture to other cultures and other places. This helps the child to understand that all humans need to make a way of lie that will support not only life but a good way to live.


The children study such topics as “Living or Non-Living,” “Plant or Animal,” “Vertebrate or Invertebrate,” “Fish, Amphibian, Reptile, Bird, or Mammal,” “Parts of the Plant” and even “Photosynthesis.” Simple machines are presented, simple experiments are carried out, and human anatomy is a popular study.


Botany studies begin with a look at the life cycle of plants and presentations which explore the importance of plants to human and animal life. Students are encouraged to look at the many ways that plants provide for our fundamental needs. They do this with a variety of independent research projects. Botany studies continue with presentations of nomenclature and impressionistic charts which detail the basic needs of plants, their parts, and the functions of these parts. Students study roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits.

School Director

Ms. Maha Alali
Ms. Maha AlaliSchool Director
Bachelor Degree in Geography
Masters Degree in Cartography
MACTE Certified Montessori Teacher, Santa Monica Montessori Institute

Ms. Maha’s passion and experience in teaching goes back to 1998 after she received her first degree in Geography and taught in Middle School. In 2001, she received her Masters degree and was appointed as assistant lecturer in the University of Basra, College of Education. She also taught and trained teachers in the Alishah Teaching Institute. She received her Montessori Certificate from the Santa Monica Montessori Institute. She was a Montessori Teacher and lead teacher at the Santa Monica Montessori School. During her time as a teacher and as a learner of the Montessori Teaching Methods, she received multiple commendation from her mentors and teachers who attested for her talent and passion to the Montessori Method. Ms. Maha’s passion to the Montessori Method led her to creating and adding innovative Montessori teaching materials, methods and tools that can be only found and offered in her school. Ms. Maha continue to innovate and create new material to further fast track the little-one’s path to knowledge, learning and experience and make them as ready as possible to meet and exceed their future teacher’s expectations.

Personal Life
Personal LifeMother of Twins
“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Having helped her mother in raising her three sisters and brother, it was always Ms. Maha’s passion and dream to specialize in teaching and caring for the little ones. Ms. Maha is a mother of twins, Ash and Jenna (5 yrs old). When they were 2 years old, Ms. Maha wanted to provide them with the best preschool education and experience, so she researched the teaching methods of Maria Montessori and compared them to the teaching methods of John Dewey, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia. She favored the teaching methods of Dr. Maria Montessori and joined the Santa Monica Montessori School and Institute. She received her MACTE certification in Montessori Methods in 2017. Ash and Jenna received Montessori education both at home and at school, and at age of 5, they were reading and writing in two languages, and able to perform mathematics enumeration and Arithmetic addition and subtraction.


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